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Cashflow has always been King, but COVID has made being on top of it essential.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business , and most business owners are about to face life without JobKeeper and other Government Stimulus to keep things afloat.

Do you have a plan in place so you know what the next 6-12 months is going to look like?

Will the bank account run dry? Will you be able to maintain rent, ATO and employee obligations?

Without knowing where your cash is Coming from, where it's Going, and how you can control both, your business could end up at the mercy of your creditors, your landlord or your bank.

By taking part in Cashflow Cure, you will get One on One coaching for your business to ensure you maximise the funds available to your business.

Invoice More

Do you have good months, then slow months? You will learn how to eliminate delays in invoicing and build cashflow consistency.

Get Paid on Time

It's not all about debt collection. We will teach you how to be smart and get paid quickly and easily, before your outstanding accounts become headaches.

Build a Cashflow Plan

We will help you build different Cashflow Scenarios so you can see the effects on your cashflow. Having a clear plan will give you peace of mind when making decisions in your business.

Your Cashflow Coach - David Ross CA.

Almost 25 years ago, I started a career as a Chartered Accountant. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with 1000’s of great businesses, from struggling start ups to successful million dollar companies.

I don’t believe in spruiking hype like “6-7 figures!”…I prefer to be realistic. You want success for your business, great, but let’s drop the BS and coach you to real world achievable targets.

Having never been the stereotype “Brown Cardigan” Accountant, I have been coaching and working with businesses like yours now for over 2 decades, helping increase profitability and cashflow, and working together with owners to achieve solutions to their issues, whether that be creating a valuable business for wealth or retirement or simply getting them on track to create more life, sometimes the most valuable result of all.

Why I believe Cashflow Cure is essential for your business.

I see way too many business owners manage their businesses by the amount of money in the bank account. Too often, very little focus is put on the "How", the ways that those funds can be dramatically impacted by key business strategies. See if any of the following sound like you.....

1. You always say..."I don't have the time, I'll do my invoicing later...."

Delays in Invoicing, stretch your Cash flow cycle. The longer you take to invoice, the longer it will be until you get paid. But it's more than just deciding to invoice NOW. There might be bigger issues that need resolving.

2. You find yourself avoiding calls from suppliers

Everyone has bills to pay, there is no point hiding when the phone rings...yes ...we know you do it :-). Woouldn't it be good to remove the anxiety and get things paid on time, every time, without added late fees.

3. You often ask...."Can I afford to [insert your choice of spending here]?

You want to buy something, or put a new employee on, but are not sure how to go about it and the effect on your business if you do.

Well that's an easy decision.....IF YOU HAVE A PLAN. But having a rigid plan isn't enough, an easily varied multiple scenario plan is a must when times are uncertain

Cashflow Cure is designed to solve all these issues and more. 

- 3 x One on One Coaching Implementation Sessions

- 3 x Monthly Webinars covering Cashflow Strategies

- Tailored Cashflow Scenario Plan

- Weekly Coaching Check-in via Phone/Zoom to ensure you take Action and deal with any issues as they arise.

All for just $990 incl GST

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